Ways to Kill a Skunk in the Yard

Many Tucson animals are entering into the residential areas because humans take over their habitat. The skunk is not liked by many people because it is capable of spraying an obnoxious and sticky spray to its victims. This is easy to avoid for someone who understand what to do. Depending on the area, there are places where it is allowed to kill the Arizona skunk and it is good to know how you can kill it without putting yourself at risk of being sprayed.

Since the Arizona skunk always sprays when it is being killed, it good to kill it far away from your home. Shooting is a good option but it can only be applicable in the rural places since in the urban areas, you can shoot a person or other pets by a mistake. However, shooting the skunk has some risks since the skunks carry rabies with other infections which can infect the people who are exposed to the skunk's blood.

Lethal trap is a grip trap which is used to catch and kill skunk and it was common in the fur trappers of old times. It is dangerous and difficult to use. It snaps down at the Tucson animal if it is sprung and it kills the animal by squeezing and choking. The use of such trap is inhumane and it poses danger to nearby cats and dogs. Poisoning can also be thought about by many people but this poses problems. Putting out the poison to kill the pest may also kill pets. It is ineffective option and it makes the animal to suffer too much. When poison is used, there are some cases when the animal only gets sick and it recovers after sometime. When the poison kills the skunk, it is going to crawl in a hidden corner so that it can die there. After some days, the skunk is going to decompose and there is going to be a terrible stench in the home. Before you poison an Arizona skunk, you have to know that it is inhumane and illegal to give a poison to a skunk since there are better ways that you can easily dispose it.

When people try to get rid of the Tucson skunk, they may try to use inhumane methods like injecting acetone or other chemicals in the chest of skunk by the use of a syringe on a long pole; they may also drown the skunk. Many people are concerned on how to kill the skunk without being sprayed. This is why many people may choose to kill using a gun so that they can be in a good distance. Using a lethal body grip will also work but you will be left with a job on how to remove the Arizona skunk away from your property.

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