Tucson Wildlife and Animal Removal

What to do About a Cage-Shy Wild Animal

There are certain reasons of attraction that may commit the wild Arizona animals to constantly visit your house. Food sources and shelter are first most basic searched for survival. Troubles are caused in bundles because of these pests animals e.g. diseases, harm to pets etc. so, to trap them becomes a mission in itself. But the real problem lies when the targeted Tucson animal is actually a cage shy. It would become difficult to trap it.

Certain techniques do enable the owners like clearing the Tucson property of rubbish, food and water sources. This makes the area less attractive to the animals and they can be easily attracted to the cage. Other techniques include the pre-bait feeding of the wild animals. This is particularly done at the spot of trap before setting it. It gives the animal a confidence on the feed source. Familiarity with the trap is very important. Food must be set around the trap so the Arizona animal becomes used to it and does not shy away. In a few days it could be caught by setting its food inside the trap.

Not letting the Arizona animal die while trapping is the most important thing. Cage traps or box traps are made up of wire or plastic. They come in many sizes and styles that are open at single or both ends. The problem lies in capturing foxes, raccoons etc. These are the trap-shy animals. These mainly inhabit the attics and grounds of the houses. There are different techniques in dealing with both situations. For animals of the attic traps must be placed on the roof. This is because they may have better chances of escaping in the attic. Another benefit of the roof is that the non target animals' would not find their way there. Instead only the wandering ones would look for food. The best way to do it is to screw the cage to the roof. Then tie it hard with the wires and seal the screws. For ground trap it is quite different. A trap must be set where the animal has its permanent track. Food used as bait must be specific to the target animal only. Soil must be used to cover the trap so the animal enters it casually. Some attractive features can be added to the cages. One of the best ways to attract a trap shy Tucson animal is to use lures. But care must be taken not to attract the unwanted ones.

Animals have a huge chance of escaping the traps. Especially if a trap shy escapes ones, it could never be caught again. So all setting must be done appropriately. This includes carefully smooth setting of dry fire or trip the trap. So the Arizona animals are caught without having time to react.

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