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What Should I do if I Find a Nest of Wild Animals in My Attic?

It´s late at the night, and you are sound asleep when something wakes you up. Strange noises you have never heard before are coming from above. Don´t panic, nothing unusual is going on, no extraterrestrial phenomena hasn´t occurred. There are just some uninvited Tucson guests crashing in the attic. Listen carefully and determine which little creatures are nesting above your ceiling.

Who is nesting in my attic?
During a breeding season, lasting from March to October there is a significant possibility that your visitors in the attic are female and it's young. A human attic is a perfect place for Arizona wildlife to build a nest. It provides all necessary conditions for a female to make a nest give birth and raise the young. That is until they become too loud and are discovered by humans. Easy food, water and shelter access and reasonable quiet area are everything wildlife females need to build a nest. The material for the nest is easily obtained as well, and that is the reason you can´t sleep due to the hustle from above.

After the inspection, a nest of babies has been found, and you are asking yourself what to do next. You need to determine which Tucson species is your guest. You will most likely find your visitor in the list below:
• squirrels
• Arizona raccoons
• opossums
• rat and mice
• bats
• snake

These are the most common Tucson pests, usually nesting in the attics
Before trapping the animal, you need to locate and seal all of the entry points, where the pests are entering your home. The next things you need to do are trapping the family and decide which solution is going to choose for the trapped family. One of the possibilities is relocating to a friendlier environment. The new living area should provide animals with food, water and the possibility of building a new nest. When you decide for relocation, you may give the little creatures some additional food, water and some soft material for building a nest for an easier start. However, due to recent studies, relocated animals usually die within a short period of time after being moved. That is why you may reconsider your decision and perhaps even change it. Even though killing the animals may seem cruel, a merciful death presents the most humane way of killing. Get some professional help and kill the Arizona animals with minimum pain and suffer and immediate effect.

After sealing all possible entrances and removing the pests from the attic, the next very important project should be performed. The attic needs to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Pest Tucson animals can represent a potential health risk that is why complete and thorough disinfestations should be performed.

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