Does Poison Make Rodents Thirsty and Die Outside?

It has often been heard that poison makes Tucson rodents thirsty causing them to seek a source of water most likely outside. This is absolutely not true. The myth that poison makes rodents thirsty and dies outside of the home environment seeking a drink is often spread by pest control companies that do not have the expertise or knowledge to deal with rodent infestation of a home and seek quick methods to get rid of the rodent. These companies are often formed by ambitious persons seeking to open a business and find opportunity in that sector.

What happens when a Tucson rodent is poisoned?
In most cases, when a rodent is poisoned, they will not die on the spot. They will wander off but not die outside. The poison working in their body will cause lethargy. The animal will suffer from multiple organ failure bleeding from the inside would be weak, walk with difficulty after a while and not necessarily be hungry or thirsty. Death will come slowly and painfully with the rodent seeking a suitable place to rest. The use of poison will leave the home with the stinking smell of rotting Arizona rodents that can take up to two to three weeks to clear. It is also a health hazard for the home environment particularly for young kids.

When to use poison?
Professional Arizona rodent removal companies often use poison in a more efficient manner and do not just spread the poison around the target location. They will actually set bait inside a trap which has been poisoned. When the rodent eats the bait, it cannot escape from the trap and therefore can be retrieved safely after it has died. The myth that rodents become thirsty when poisoned and die outside seeking a drink of water had been spread for commercial purposes by those inexperienced services. When a rodent infests a home, they most likely have their nest inside the house. When feeling unwell, they will tend to try and go back to their nest to rest. Some poison act quickly giving the rodent but the opportunity to take but a few steps. Other types of poison may take a bit longer hence the rodent could wander off a while before starting to feel the effect of the poison. It is true that some types of poison could make a rodent thirsty as the active agents start to react inside the body but it does not necessarily mean that the Tucson rodent wanders off outside. As the reaction starts, they will often feel weak and disoriented.

Having understanding of such myth can help you if you are faced with a familiar situation. The most common thing to do when a Tucson rodent removal company is dealing with an infestation inside the property is to ask them to find a way of retrieving the rodents if using poison.

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